The University of the Third Age in Bialystok

Address: Ludwik Zamenhof 15, Bialystok, 15-435, Poland


The University of the Third Age in Bialystok (UTA) was founded in 1994. UTA is a democratic, self-funded, self-managed organization, that exists to provide day-time education and leisure, activities for retired men and women at risk of social exclusion.

UTA in Bialystok possesses the status of NGO since 2004. The statutory goal of the UTA is the stimulation of personal development and intellectual and physical efficiency of senior people by education and social activity.

Since its foundation the UTA has become a dynamically growing institution for senior people. Now it carries out tasks to the activation of a group of about 700 seniors, their members, through various types of education. The education is provided through lectures, seminars, workshops in sections of scientific and various interests (artistic, gymnastic, social, tourist, health, etc.). The number of sections in UTA is 42.

Among all the learners, there are recently about 260 people with disabilities.

A significant number of seniors do not know English, they cannot use computers, internet and digital devices and are affected by contemporary functional illiteracy. The Management Board of UTA creates some educational tasks to assist the learners. The lectures are conducted on a voluntary basis by employees from the universities in Bialystok, and in workshops and seminars by people with higher education degree who are also UTA members. The sections are taught mainly by volunteer people specialized in the field interests. For example, the choir, dance and theater performances besides many different handcraft art subjects like painting, photography. The UTA choir won the regional and national awards many times.

Global Development Association

Address: Şehit Yavuz Başayar Sok. No: 12/A, Özevler, Yenimahalle, 06190, Ankara, Turkey


The Global Development Association (GDA) is a non-governmental organization established in Ankara in 2012.

GDA carries out the activities to promote social welfare by providing a competitive environment with the first principle to explore ways of development. The second is that this is done for equal and humane purposes. The last one is to establish a global system in the country and in the world.

The main objective of GDA is to support our country and all other countries, helping all individuals and organisations to learn scientific developments and to utilise them in their activities. GDA organises training activities like short courses, seminars and workshops suitable for different age groups and social groups (kids, youth, +50, women, disabled, vulnerables, etc.) to improve their skills and experiences, to inform the latest innovations in national and international level.

GDA implements activities to acquire or improve individual competencies. In accordance with our organizational capacity, we organize activities and courses related with photography, IT and music. All courses are conducted with voluntary participation of educators. The training materials are brought together by GDA with the guidance of our educators. Over the pas 6 years, GDA has gained experience in national and international level with the support of EU projects.

Vilnius Gabriele Petkevicaite-Bite Adult Education Centre

Address: 43 Kauno street, Vilnius 03203, Lithuania


Vilnius Gabriele Petkevicaite-Bite Adult Education Centre was founded in 1994 by the model of the Danish FYN’S County schools. In 1998, the institution was named after Gabriele Petkevicaite-Bite, a famous female writer and public figure associated with educational activities. In 1926, she opened the first adult evening courses. The Education Centre is necessary for adults who seek new skills and knowledge required for professional career and life.

The Education Centre provides primary and basic formal education and subject-specific (non-formal) education for adults of Vilnius and the surrounding areas (foreign languages, information technology, sewing, wool felting, yoga etc.).

The Education Center is equipped with modern technologies; both traditional and non-traditional active teaching methods are used during learning process. We also organize a lot of events both inside and outside the school. Teachers constantly increase their qualifications participating in national and international seminars. We constantly communicate with project partners from different European countries.

The motto of Education Centre is as follows: It is never too late to learn.

Senior University of Rio Maior

Address: Av. Dr. Afonso Calado da Maia, 2040-331, Rio Maior, Portugal


Senior University of Rio Maior was established in 2007 as a result of a local partnership between Camara Municipal de Rio Maior and Santa Casa da Misericordia de Rio Maior. Senior University of Rio Maior (Universidade Senior de Rio Maior – USRM) year by year increases business propositions for local aging people. In this way, it tries to follow the interests and requests of those who are looking for a place to learn and opportunities to update their knowledge, make connections socializing and sharing each other’s feelings and experiences. For this purpose, USRM provides the adult learners the courses, develops integration activities.

USRM organises 40 classes, corresponding to around 30 thematic areas, such as languages (Portuguese, French, English, Italian, Spanish and German), literature and poetry, history, history arts, local history, geography, citizenship, law, Bible study, psychology, ICT, gymnastics, dance (oriental, contemporary, African), yoga, chess, music classes (guitar, “ukele”), choir and tuna (students play musical instruments and sing at the same time), painting, embroidery, sewing, handicrafts and tricot, etc.